High Blood Pressure Related Deaths Are Way Up: CDC


Deaths related to high blood pressure, have risen significantly over the last 13 years, according to new federal data.

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics shows the number of hypertension-related deaths increased 61.8%, from 2000 to 2013. The researchers analyzed national cause-of-death data files and defined hypertension-related death as any mention of hypertension on the death certificate. They found that over the 13 year period, the rate rose for both sexes age 45 and older.

But report also found that the proportion of deaths where heart disease was the underlying cause of death dropped by about 6%. The proportion of deaths where stroke was the underlying cause also dropped by about 5%.

“In the areas we’ve been focusing on for the last two to three decades we really have seen a reduction in deaths,” says Dr. Clyde Yancy…

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SCD Granola

Rubies & Granola

20150324GranolaI did not plan on making granola this week. It is not something I make regularly, but I just had a hankering for it.  A few weeks back I purchased Cooking to Heal Little Tummies (Specific Carbohydrate Diet recipes) by Jenna Roberts and Natalie Hagood.  I purchased the book to find kid friendly SCD legal foods to eat myself and feed my daughter so I wouldn’t be making 3 different meals 3 times a day.

The recipes in the book that I have tried are:

  • Chloe’s Favorite Pizza
  • Golden Pancakes
  • Granola

I would like to try the Carrot Basil Soup, Chicken Nuggets, the marinara sauce, and the Tasty Veggie Bread. I am really looking forward to trying the recipes.  So far my Ruby has only liked the granola.  I will keep forging on to find foods that she likes.

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